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To advance the continuous development of a community wide partnership between the schools, families, health and human service agencies, faith based organizations, businesses, colleges/universities, maximizing the education and life potential of every child, young person and adult---- from cradle to career.


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Adult Learning Centers

IUPUI's Community Learning Network

IUPUI’s Community Learning Network supports lifelong learning.  The mission of the IUPUI Adult Learning Centers is to provide community based education and career development opportunities for all adults. We meet them where they are on their educational journey, helping to transform lives and communities.

The Adult Learning Centers are currently located in James Russell Lowell, IPS 51, Francis W. Parker Montessori, IPS 56, Joyce Kilmer, IPS 69, and Arlington High School. Together with various community partners, IUPUI hopes to make a positive impact in our neighborhoods by continuing to encourage adults who are seeking to start, or complete their education.