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To advance the continuous development of a community wide partnership between the schools, families, health and human service agencies, faith based organizations, businesses, colleges/universities, maximizing the education and life potential of every child, young person and adult---- from cradle to career.


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What is a Full Service Community School?

Enriching partnerships that work to benefit the student in and out of the classroom...

The Martindale Brightwood Alliance for Educational Success (MBAES) is a Full Service Community School initiative that focuses resources and programs on the community of Martindale Brightwood through the schools in the neighborhood in partnership with the university. This work is known as a Community School Initiative and is part of a national school improvement movement called the Coalition for Community Schools.

Service Categories Serving Students

The MBAES has over 36 partners serving students, their family members and community residents in Martindale Brightwood in the following service categories:

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