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To advance the continuous development of a community wide partnership between the schools, families, health and human service agencies, faith based organizations, businesses, colleges/universities, maximizing the education and life potential of every child, young person and adult---- from cradle to career.


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School 51

James Russell Lowell Elementary, also known as Indianapolis Public School #51, was named after a famous British poet, critic, and diplomat from the mid 1800s. The original building was constructed in 1900, as a part of the Martindale Brightwood Neighborhood expansion on Indianapolis’s near east side.  School 51 was then rebuilt in 2006, due to deterioration of the old building. Despite this deterioration, the old building has been kept alive by transplanting many of its architectural features into the new building’s library and cafeteria.
IPS #51 is a Community School, which means it is central to the neighborhood and making sure families and community members have access to a variety of supports, including housing, food, and education. IPS#51 currently has a variety of programs to help the success of its students as well. Programs include Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 100 black men, Girls inc., and Indy Parks just to name a few. IPS #51 is also an ESL (English as Second Language) school, which supports students whose primary language is not English. Because of this program, these students are able to learn and grow along with all the other students. In addition to our ESL program, IPS#51 supports children with severe disabilities as well. The building is equipped with three classrooms with lots of help, including a school nurse. IPS#51 is proud of their heritage and hopes to continue to bring health and well-being to all students, families, and community members.

School 56

Francis W. Parker, Montessori School 56, is guided by the principle of aspiring to provide their students a paramount education.   School 56 is a Montessori magnet school within the Indianapolis Public Schools. School 56 is comprised of a rich environment using the Montessori philosophy of education to ensure students are inspired to reach their highest potential.  The Montessori model fosters a strong sense of community, respect for self, others, and the environment which builds a strong academic foundation for a lifetime of learning.  The philosophy and teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori combine with the Indiana State Standards drive their instructional program. The students will have the tools they need to value the diversity of others, respect the world in which they live, and have the skills they need to make good decisions. 

School 69

Joyce Kilmer Academy, also known as Indianapolis Public School #69, was named after an American poet and writer from the early 1900s. IPS #69 is located in the Martindale Brightwood Community on Indianapolis’s near east side. This school has a long history of building community and support for all families in the area. There was and continues to be a strong sense of togetherness and helpfulness among this community, which was once known for the number of churches in the area. School 69 has played a significant part in continuing this sense of community. School 69 has had several faces in the past, including being a middle school at one time. In 2007 when Hazel Hart Hendricks, IPS #37, closed, many of the staff and students moved over to School 69, where the traditions continued. Some of the traditions that IPS #69 continues are the annual Black History Celebration in February and Winter Sing-a-long. Many of these traditions have been kept alive due to the consistency and compassion of the staff members and community leaders.
Currently, IPS #69 has a variety of programming available to students and their families which are available because of the Community School model. Being a community school allows parents and families members to access needs and services for their children directly from the school. Some programs include a food pantry (provided by Gleaners), Adult Education Classes, Girls Inc., Read-Up, and Indy Parks. These programs provide positive mentoring, leadership, and tutoring opportunities for students and families. Joyce Kilmer Academy hopes to continue to fulfill its community responsibility and will continue to assist families and community members living in the Martindale Brightwood Community.